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Aug 21, 2009 12:05am EDT
. here we go. alaska, california, colorado, hawaii, maine, michigan, montana, nevada, new mexico, oregon, rhode island, vermont, and washington. [ applause ] those are the 13 states where medical marijuana is legal. [ laughter ] and the rest of the states are dead to me! i will memorize them when they get it together. yeah. connecticut, dead. new york, dead. new england, not a state. listen, i'm not here telling any -- i'm not telling you to do drugs, but the commercials that tell you to not do drugs are crazy. right? did you see the one where the dog starts talking to the teenage girl? just starts chatting her up. the dog is like, hey, i don't like it when you smoke pot. you're different when you smoke pot. she doesn't say, oh, yeah, i could talk to dogs, that would be one difference. that leaps to mind almost immediately. you're the dumbest talking dog -- you're the dumbest and the dumbest talking dog i have ever talked to. why don't you like ask to like be let outside or for more food instead of whining about the very thing that enabled us to communicate in the first place? [ laughter
Aug 20, 2009 11:00pm EDT
-- >> sitting in an air hangar in montana. look, we remember -- >> i'm wondering how you get the bureaucracy of health care whether it is private property or government barack receipts. >> we don't want the government make health care decisions for doctors and individuals, and the president doesn't believe health insurance companies should make those determinations either. when they decide that you are too sick or when they decide -- i'm sure you could go on the air right now and get 100 viewers to call in that have dealt with their insurance company and found that it had to go through extra paperwork because our original the treatment was denied, or some extra hurdle was put in place that they had to jump over in order to receive the treatment they deserved. that shouldn't happen -- what in the world is that? [laughter] life like i am, like, never mind. i'm not going to go -- [laughter] those decisions should be made role that the private insurance company currently has on health care, that seems to suggest those bureaucrats would still be there. >> well, i don't know who administers box's
Aug 20, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, not democratic senator max baucus of montana. oh, and congressman bachus later admitted he made a mistake and meant to say deficit. social security could face a deficit within two years. first chance at default would be 2037 so fox got the name wrong and branch of government wrong and political party wrong and the quote and fact wrong. there's been no correction. >>> dateline washington, number two best ex-politician oopsie. tom delay now affiliated with "dancing with the stars" on with chris, never mind for a moment he turned into one of those invasion of the body snatchers, conspiracy theory birther things listen for the blooper. >> will you do me a favor. ask him to show me his gift certificate -- i mean his gift certificate? his birth certificate. >> that's how obama can reform health care. send everybody a gift certificate. genius. genius, i tell you. and dateline la marque, texas, number one best politician oopsie. senator kay bailey hutchison vowing to make education a cornerstone of her candidacy for governor which she announced at la marque high where she was carnation queen in 1
Aug 21, 2009 9:00am EDT
montana, not looking back. now we're looking forward to her being live on the plaza to close out our summer concert series next friday on "today." >>> meantime, we have the lovely and talented natasha bedingfield. >>> do you think you can use cream to get rid of stretch marks or can you use the eye lash growing device, can they make your eye lashes grow longer? we'll talk to a real live medical doctor. >> oh. >> i hate watching shots on tv. >> insections in the face. >> we'll find out if those things work. >> very important question of our time. >>> also coming up, you may have heard of this ""inglourious basterd basterds" kristof wallace, you've got to meet him, he's fantastic. see that movie after you watch the "today" show in the morning. >> on the weekends. >> we have a lot of stuff coming out, this weekend the obamas, heading out for their martha's vineyard vacation, an expert guide to the great things to see and do and eat there. will the obamas indulge? we'll try to check that out. >>> you may buy the best coffee beans but are you ruining them with the wrong coffee makers? we'
Aug 21, 2009 6:00pm EDT
committee, chairman max baucus of montana now suddenly he's gone away, it seems like, or has he. how do you read that. >> there are two chuck grassleys. the one without premiers in washington, but then there is the one without went home. and i gather some of the town hall meetings are happening in iowa, and iowans are good about this thing, are triple the size of normal. he goes home and listens and gets threatened we're going to defeat new 2010. he's up in this coming election. and he doesn't want to get defeated. and that's been, i think, the overall effect of this august. which is a lot of people and parts of the country, the health-care reform is recently po popular but in the midwest in particular and some areas of the south and places like florida, it's quite unpopular. so he has to face the fact do i really want to lose my seat over this. and so i just think it's in some sense a democratic process that is creating the other chuck grassley. >> i think there is en another chuck grassley which is -- >> three chuck grassleys. >> exactly. you know, it's some horrible science fiction movie
Aug 20, 2009 8:00pm EDT
like joe montana here and to make it a perfect throw, and running decently just barely gets nipped there, the defense playing great there, in the sixth, led off with a walk, a ground ball by morgan, ground ball to second, another nice play there. they -- we steal the bag, safe at second, zimmerman then grounds to short, and then doubles down right field line by dunn, plate to the run, and then willingham flies out to center field. this was really our only chance. but ran the fastball in on him there after throwing him a lot of off speed and breaking balls throughout the series. >> well tomorrow is a very special day here at nationals park because it's gonna be a big day coming up. stephen strasburg will be in town but also on saturday a chance to join picnic in the park fans for all the season ticket holders. that will be 1:00 to 4:00. activities include you can throw a pitch in the bullpen. you can visit the nationals dugout. you can run the bases. you'll be able to get some player autographs and photographs, plus a q and a with the nats broadcasters and all so specialty guests. t
Aug 21, 2009 10:00am EDT
or montana or colorado. i think he continues to be very resolved in getting something done on this issue. the president continues to believe that the worst possible outcome is doing nothing because we know what happens when we do nothing. we know that premiums are going to continue to skyrocket, 14,000 people a day are going to lose their proper insurance, but small businesses are going to lose their ability to provide coverage. the leader of the drop the idea of covering employees or drop the number of employees that are covered. and we know that insurance companies are going to continue to discriminate based on whether or not they believe someone has a pre-existing condition or make a determination about whether someone is too sick to receive coverage. that is what doing nothing will do. the president is determined that we will do something to move this process along. >> you are probably aware that a conservative true " -- a conservative group took a shot at the president right as he was leaving for his vacation. i was wonderingpt if you have a response to that, and the larger respons
Aug 21, 2009 4:00pm EDT
, nebraska, montana, north dakota. those states had democratic senators who voted for john mccain. he had to win enough of them over the get this bill to the senate. >> is it always a waste of time as paul seems to to suggest that the president could reach out and find some republicans who would work with him the him on this? >> i think he's entirely wrong. the center of gravity of american politics is not in the progressive wing, and the progressive movement is mature enough to understand that and support a president who is more liberal than conservative. if they're not mature enough, they can throttle his chances. but i do think that if the president had more shrewdly laid out his case it would have been harder to criticize it effectively. >> what you mean to say, if he would have come up with a plan instead of letting the democrats in congress come up with a plan. >> i think he allowed himself to have -- a plan with so few details, it's like a rorschach test. project everything positive on me, now they're projecting everything negative on me. >> bill clinton tried that and that didn't
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)